Privacy - Busting privacy myths

Created in collaboration with our friends at Simply Privacy for Privacy Week 2024, this FREE module debunks a few of the common privacy myths that circulate regularly.

Privacy Week is an annual event aimed at promoting privacy awareness, educating people about their rights under the Privacy Act, and helping agencies understand their responsibilities. This year, the Privacy Commissioner's focus is on dispelling privacy myths.

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Who are Simply Privacy?

They're experts in delivering top-notch privacy and AI governance solutions tailored for businesses, government entities, and NGOs.

At its core, Privacy and Responsible AI revolves around the human element. It's about upholding the respect for individual dignity and autonomy, ensuring transparency, and empowering people with the ability to make choices and exert control over their personal information.

Simply Privacy is committed to guiding our clients in aligning their practices with legal standards, ethical norms, and societal expectations, leveraging openness to foster trust.

If you would like to learn more about Simply Privacy and their solutions feel free to reach out.

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