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The basic features
Up to 3 authors
60 projects
Customer support
Custom Fonts
Create more as a team
Up to 10 authors
Unlimited projects
Priority support
Custom Fonts
FREE branded template
Collect written feedback feature
On-demand training
Account manager
Democratise learning
Includes Studio Features +
Unlimited authors
Tailored onboarding
Reporting & analytics
Enterprise SLA
Quarterly governance
Enterprise security
Risk evaluation

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No setup required
Module Library access
Ticket support
Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Can I trial it before paying for a license?

Yes, we offer a free trial of Chameleon. Simply sign up here and receive one free project.

Is Chameleon SCORM compliant?

Yes it is, we support SCORM 1.2, 2004v3 and 2004v4. Once you have completed your design, simply click the ‘download SCORM package’ button on the top right of your screen to download the file.

Can I embed video?

Yes, you can embed video's. You can either embed from an external video provider (which we recommend) or simply upload and host within our platform.

My modules aren't working correctly in my LMS?
So we can get a better understanding of your specific issue can you please provide with:
  • A link to the module that isn't working
  • What version of SCORM you exported from our platform
  • what is the issue (can you describe it)
  • what browser are you testing it in.
  • who is doing the testing (yourself or someone else)
  • what LMS are you using
  • have you faced this issue before (with chameleon or another tool)
Can I create courses which are compliant with accessibility standards?

Yes! Accessibility is important to us. You can create courses which are fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. We have also created a set of hints and tips so authors can make smart design decisions to stay within the guidelines.

Why are my images loading slowly?
Firstly, Chameleon does a lot of the heavy lifting to ensure you don't break the design of your course and your images will respond to all devices. But the platform certainly enjoys it more when the images are of smaller file size! like any website, you want to ensure you optimise your images that you load to Chameleon as much as possible (without effecting the quality of course).
As a rule of thumb, try and keep the file size less than 1.5MB
And the general dimensions for Chameleons columns are:
Two column images; 480px width by 360px
One column images; 960px wide and 465px (worth trialling different heights to suit your taste too.
Here is a quick reference guide on the best general image treatment for our tool.