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The Ultimate Guide to Visual Design eBook

Visuals help people learn. They help us communicate more effectively because they help us process info faster and improve our ability to remember. 

  • Download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Visual Design and start creating more visual engaging learning content.

Te Reo Māori - Pronouncing vowels

We partnered with Inspire Group and Ruku ki te Ako to produce this free taster module which teaches people how to pronounce Māori vowels.

We’ve also chucked in some fun kīwaha, slang sayings you can use in your everyday conversations at home and at work, and a bunch of bonus resources to help you with your te reo Māori journey.

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Top tools for creating visually engaging learning eBook

We've put together a list of over 30 of our favourite tools, covering everything from photography, illustration, iconography and video.

Take your learning content to the next level with our comprehensive list of visual design tools. 

The L&D guide to democratising learning content production eBook

How to harness the smarts of your subject matter experts to make creating learning content faster and more affordable.

Download our free eBook, The L&D Guide to Democratising Learning Content Production and get started with your user-generated content strategy.

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Leading Remote Teams

As with everything, there are pros and cons to managing a hybrid working team.

In this module we'll go over some of the common challenges you may face and give you some useful tips and tricks on how to successfully lead a virtual team. 

Storytelling in learning design

Complex things are hard to grasp. Our brain is lazy, and it shies away from working too hard. But our brain also loves a story, so we can trick it into assimilating complex information by disguising it as a rollicking good yarn.  Download this module to learn why and how to incorporate storytelling and scenarios into your learning.

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eLearning design basics

Need help with basic eLearning design principles? This free module is designed to provide SMEs and those that are new to learning design some tips and guidance around building eLearning, and some basic principles of learning design.

Lockdown activities for kids

Working from home these days can be tough, especially when you've got the kids around! Chances are you've been looking for some new ways of keeping them entertained... So we’ve put together a new free module with some great ways to keep the fun going.

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Accessible eLearning design

Download our free Chameleon Creator accessible eLearning module example. The module takes you through all of the various eLearning interactions so you can use as a guide and inspiration for designing your own accessible eLearning.

Courageous Conversations

We've developed this short module to help you and your team with those hard conversations. We provide tips and tools on how to more successfully approach them.

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Working from home 

This module has some practical advice on how to stay physically and mentally healthy and how to stay productive while working from home.


Resilience? We got you 'covid'

Resilience is our ability to cope and adapt. This module has tips on how to build good habits to build resilience. 


Resilience weve got you Covid