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We developed an authoring tool that allows organisations to build their own HTML learning modules in a smart, beautiful and easy way.
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Chameleon was built for the new generation of the web. That’s why you’ll see features you won’t find elsewhere.

Customised UI

Design content that is completely aligned to your brand, whether its outlined buttons, transparent headers or curved corners.

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Parallax backgrounds

Turn what is usually a mundane single-page scroll into a layered animation.

Website_Features Page_Floating UI

Be expansive with branching

Tap into advanced navigation, with branching cards and buttons internally or externally.

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Rapid assessment building

Build assessments in minutes. Simply create an assessment, populate questions and publish.

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Built-in image library

Spruce up your design by taking advantage of our image library. Transom the primary colour of each illustration, in one click.


Product Benefits

Responsive White

Truly responsive HTML5

For all devices (phone, tablet and desktop). 

Truly responsive HTML5
User Friendly White

User friendly

Easy for non-developers to use. 

User friendly
Flexible Design White-01

Flexible design

Graphically beautiful, simple and engaging. Theme your'e learning based on your brand. 

Flexible design
Rapid Development White

Rapid development

Rapidly develop learning modules so you can respond quickly to a business need. 

Rapid development
Minimal File Size White

Minimal file size

1/6th the size of traditional modules. 

Minimal file size
Cross Functional White

Cross functional

Can be used by teams outside of learning (product, marketing, sales and communications). 

Cross functional

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