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Create beautiful e-learning content fast with no training. So easy to use that your whole team will pick it up naturally. Kiss your learning content backlog goodbye and build better modules with Chameleon. 

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“What makes Chameleon so great is it's so easy and self-explanatory to use, you don't have to do training to use the tool. You just click and drag things into place, add some pictures and voila, you've got beautiful training.”
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Ilana Kramer

KPMG | Assistant Manager of Learning & Development

Demand for online learning has skyrocketed

L&D teams have become production lines pumping out e-learning. If you feel like you can’t create content quickly enough to keep up, you’re not alone.

Or maybe you’re struggling to build the learning experiences you want to create. Fed up with the limitations of your learning design tools and feeling hamstrung by unwieldy legacy tech? A few years ago, that was us too.

Perhaps you want a better experience for learners. Learning all looks the same and learners are bored, so course completion is low and pass rates suck. Maybe senior execs are noticing learning isn’t delivering the goods …

We feel your pain. And we’re here to help. 


Key Features

Parallax backgrounds, turn what is usually a mundane single-page scroll into a layered animation.

Be expansive with branching, tap into advanced navigation, with branching cards and buttons internally or externally.

Rapid assessment building, build assessments in minutes. Simply create an assessment, populate questions and publish.

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Review tool

Easily leave comments on modules and discuss feedback in real time. This tool is the perfect solution for collaborating with others to develop your modules and improve the quality of your content.

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Built-in image library

Spruce up your design by taking advantage of our image library. Transform the primary colour of each illustration, in one click.

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  • Quick to use. Build modules in hours not days.
  • So intuitive you’ll pick it up naturally with no need for training.
  • Get more done faster.
  • Keep up with content demands.
  • Test and launch quickly.



  • Anyone can use it.
  • We think about accessibility and tech, so you don’t have to.
  • Empower others to build learning and take the load off L&D.
  • Easy to update content and keep it current.



  • Better outcomes for learners.
  • Fully customisable for your visual brand.
  • Huge library of customisable illustrations.
  • Flexible UI options for menus and interactions.
  • Pre-designed learning templates.


“I was blown away by how user friendly it was. It took me an hour without any training to master.”
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Lauren Jepson

Contact Energy | Head of Talent, Learning & Capability

More design flexibility

Build custom UI for any brand

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Not just e-learning 

Organisations also use Chameleon for presentations, pitches, proposals, product explainers, reference guides & customer onboarding.

We chose Chameleon as it is user friendly, simple, and intuitive. It makes simple work of creating engaging stories and presentations.

Nikki Aland, Bupa | NPS Engagement & Capability Lead

Free ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Visual Design 

Visuals help people learn. They help us communicate more effectively because they help us process info faster and improve our ability to remember. 

We know it isn't always easy to change your tech

Chameleon is so easy to learn and use that onboarding is a breeze. But you’re bound to have the odd question, so we’re here to help.


Knowledge Base

A user-friendly knowledge base.
Knowledge Base

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager for all your questions.
Account Manager

Custom Onboarding

A custom-designed onboarding programme for your team.
Custom Onboarding
User Friendly

Tech Support

24/ 7 tech support from a team in NZ and Australia with your questions answered in under 24 hours.
Tech Support
User Friendly

Bespoke Support

Bespoke support to meet your needs.
Bespoke Support
User Friendly

Design Support

Learning design support, including a free custom designed template, design tips, and peer reviews.
Design Support
“It really is as simple as PowerPoint and we’ve empowered our stakeholders to use the tool in creative ways. The Chameleon team provide instant support and you feel that they really care about you.”
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Liv Wilson

Head of Douglas Learning Academy

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