Chameleon Creator Vs Articulate Rise

Chances are if you've ever designed online learning, you've used Articulate at some point. In this article, we explore the key differences between Chameleon Creator and Articulate Rise by comparing some of the main features side-by-side, and exploring the biggest points of difference. 

Chameleon Creator Vs Articulate Rise 

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For many years Articulate has been a powerhouse in the world of online learning, with most learning designers having some kind of experience with either Storyline or Rise. 

But the world is changing, and organisations expectations are changing with it. The days of learners being forced to sit at a computer for 30 minutes or more to complete an online module are quickly disappearing, and about time too!

Back in the days of 30-minute modules, designers & developers had more time to create content. But as learners become increasingly time-poor, navigating large clunky modules is becoming less and less effective. Learners want short and sharp content (think 5-minute modules), that gives them the knowledge or information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

This means that designers & developers need to keep up accordingly and be quicker and more agile with their creative process. It also means they need to have the right tools for the job that can keep up with them and their organisations demands. 

And it's not just the duration of content that's changing, but how content is accessed. These days learners expect to be able to access content in the flow of their work. Most of us have a smartphone, and most of us likely use Google to quickly access knowledge or information we need when we need it, so why should learning or accessing information at work be any different? Why are most organisations still relying on out-of-date technology like SCORM and forcing learners to navigate clunky LMSs?

It's clear that modern-day organisations need to be constantly adapting and using the best tools for the job. SO, the question becomes, is Articulate still the best tool for the job? 

Let's look at both tools side by side to compare some of the main features.


Articulate Rise 360
Visual Design

Fully customisable look and feel


Customisable backgrounds


Create fully branded templates


Customisable buttons


Recolor illustrations from the library


Illustration library 

Custom fonts

Supports animations & SVGs


Fully accessible to WCAG 2.0 standard

Optimised UX for all devices


Collect qualitative feedback and ratings


Fully responsive


Supports SCORM


Ongoing consultation


Dedicated support team


Onboarding & Training


24 hour support responses


Quickly implement feature requests


Self-service knowledge base

Single sign-on


So why switch to Chameleon?
+ Easy 
  • Everything in Chameleon is simple and user-friendly.

  • The experience we create is intuitive to the point that Chameleon sets up all your functions and triggers, all you have to do is add your content and media. 

  • + Fast 
    • Time is always of the essence these days, so Chameleon caters for this.

      Our shared objective with our users is rapid content creation. Create, preview and publish faster than ever. 

  • + Beautiful 

    Chameleon has been designed so that anyone can create stunning content that automatically responds to any device. 

    • Fully customise your modules look and feel to emulate your brand and visual identity. 

    • + Responsive HTML 5 
      • Chameleon modules automatically respond to any device they are viewed on, without changing a single setting. 
      • Chameleon Creator is an online tool, so you don't need to download and install any software. 
      • Got teams in remote regions? Teams that need to access content on the move? Push your content via Chameleon and they can load it up anywhere, anytime on any device
 + Accessibility

Chameleon Creator caters for all audiences and is proudly accessible to WCAG 2.0 (web content accessibility guidelines standard).

+ Easily share & collaborate

Collaborate online with your colleagues, and easily share your content via hyperlinks.


Unfortunately, there has been a serious lack of innovation in the L&D tech world, meaning most organisations have been handcuffed to out-of-date/legacy systems for far too long. 

But as technology rapidly evolves, so do the opportunities for L&D teams to provide better learning experiences to support their people. 

And thats what Chameleon is all about. Enabling L&D teams to create better experiences for their end-users... the learners. 


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