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Jun 10, 2024 3:59:37 PM

Roles and Permissions Reference Guide

This reference guide outlines the capabilities for each role within Chameleon Creator. It is designed to help you understand how roles at the organisation and project levels shape user responsibilities and access within your organisation.

Overview of Roles

Our roles and permissions model allows you to have fine-grained control over how the users in your organisation interact with Chameleon Creator. You can use this reference guide to check what a user is allowed to do when assigned a particular set of roles. 

Roles at Chameleon are assigned at both the organization and project levels. This overview provides insight into the various roles at these levels.


Organisation roles

Organisation Admin | Creator Admin | Hosting Admin
Creator Author | Creator Strict | Reviewer | Learner

Assigned in “Organisation ⇒ Users” from the User Action Menu or on User Creation

Organisation roles allow access and grant permissions across the entire application. You can assign multiple organisation roles to a user, and they will receive the combination of all permissions for those roles. Some roles, such as Creator Strict and Reviewer, additionally require Project Specific Roles to access, modify, or review projects.


Project roles

Admin | Author | Reviewer

Assigned in “Project ⇒ User access” from the User Action Menu or when adding a User to a project 

Project roles can be assigned by a Creator Admin or project Admin. Project roles provide users with permissions on a project by project basis. Permissions that a user will receive when assigned each project role are detailed below. Users can be assigned multiple project roles per project.

For a more in-depth breakdown check out our Knowledge Base article here

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