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etrainu chooses Chameleon Creator for their 1.5million + users because of its ease of use and beautiful modules 

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“You must join Chameleon! It’s easy to use, the support is great, whether you’re an expert or just starting out, it’s just a great tool to use"
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Jacinta Lees

etrainu Head of Partnerships | Project Manager

"Chameleon Creator has given us everything we wanted and allowed us to push content through at a faster pace”
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Jacinta Lees

etrainu Head of Partnerships | Project Manager


increase in training materials output


Return on investment






etrainu needed to find an eLearning authoring tool that was accessible for all of their clients. Something that looked visually beautiful and had features that other tools weren’t able to provide. Before using Chameleon Creator they’d have to build content across multiple authoring tools. Which was time consuming and frustrating. For example they’d build a feature in Articulate Rise and then put that into a Storyline module, or the other way around.  

With Chameleon Creator they now have an all in one solution – so they don’t have to work across different platforms, which saves us a lot of time. 

eTrainu authoring

90% increase in training materials output

90% ROI 

400+ organisations

1.5 million users

 Why Chameleon Creator?

Their number one priority was to find an authoring tool that was easy to use.  

They also wanted good support, so that their clients and internal team could get help as and when needed. etrainu have found the support at Chameleon excellent and really responsive. Chameleon were able to provide etrainu with initial training and guidance on navigating all of the features and followup sessions on new features. 

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etrainu Authoring tool Chameleon

The results

etrainu can now build content faster 

Because Chameleon Creator is so easy to use and fast to create content, it’s now etrainu’s preferred tool to build their own internal training, as well as building custom modules for their clients.

Previously they’d been using Storyline and Articulate Rise, and these tools weren’t enabling them to create exactly what they wanted to create. They’re also quite specialized tools that you need a lot of training to get competent in, which they couldn't expect a lot of their clients to use or have access to.