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KPMG International Limited is a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organisations.


How KPMG New Zealand use Chameleon to empower their whole team to create learning content.

You know you’re onto a great tool when people are so excited about the content you’re creating, they bang on your door demanding access. That’s what happened to KPMG New Zealand’s L&D team when they began using Chameleon to make e-learning in 2021. 

Assistant Manager of Learning & Development, Ilana Kramer explains, “We’d been considering Chameleon, then when Covid hit, we had to pivot fast, and e-learning became the way to go. The benefits Chameleon offers became a very good selling point.” 



About KPMG

KPMG is a global organisation of independent professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. They operate in 146 countries.

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Chameleon enables subject matter experts at  KPMG to create learning content.

"What makes Chameleon so great, is it's so easy and self-explanatory to use, you don't have to do training to use the tool. You just click and drag things into place, add some pictures and voila, you've got beautiful training”
Ilana Kramer

Assistant Manager of Learning & Development

"Giving our subject matter experts access to an easy tool to build learning content makes knowledge sharing so much more engaging. And the user experience for learners is better because the content builds trust and confidence"
Ilana Kramer

Head of Douglas Learning Academy

When your learning to-do list is out of control

 Ilana recalls, “We did have another e-learning authoring tool. But it wasn’t easy to use. It was very time-consuming, with lots of back and forth to get things right. It was also really hard to learn. Only one person in the whole office could use it, so every time we wanted new e-learning created, only one person could help. We only had a small L&D team, and we were trying to support the whole business with digital learning. Time was not on our side.”  

“Because we lacked user-friendly authoring tools before we started using Chameleon, our learning content was almost all PowerPoint based, which was quite boring. People hate sitting, clicking through slides. We needed something more interactive.” 

 “When we went ahead with Chameleon it was really great. It's such a quick, easy tool to learn and to use. Once people started seeing what we could create, other divisions at KPMG started asking for licenses too. We've got about 10 users now, and next year we'll add another team.”  

Covid was also the tipping point that made Ilana’s team decide to empower the wider KPMG team to produce content sharing their knowledge and expertise.  


Ilana explains, “When it comes to technical training content, creating and updating that material is very time consuming. And if you look at our learning model, 70% is on the job peer-to-peer learning. So, giving our subject matter experts access to an easy tool to build learning content makes that knowledge sharing so much more engaging. And the user experience for learners is better because content builds trust and confidence.” 

Getting your team creating learning content

Ilana has advice for rolling out a companywide learning content initiative. “Train subject matter experts how to create easy, digestible learning content. We encourage them to think of their content from the user’s perspective. If you’re the learner do you want to read pages and pages of stuff, or do you just want the key messages?” 


KPMG UI mockup-1

When it comes to encouraging subject matter experts to make learning content, Ilana says, “The biggest hurdle is they don't always have time. But that's what makes Chameleon so great. It's so easy and self-explanatory to use, they don't have to do training to use the tool. You just click and drag things into place, add some pictures and voila, you've got beautiful training.” 

“We’ve set up branded templates, so people aren’t staring at a blank canvas wondering where to start. We review the quality of the learning material they produce and give feedback to help make it better, because we don’t want people to take PowerPoints and put them into Chameleon. And we’ve clear guidelines for what we host on Chameleon so it doesn’t become a dumping ground for data.” 

“Make sure you've a communication plan to encourage people to get involved. You don't need to tell everybody everything. Just give people an overview of the benefits of creating learning content and the info they need to get started. Don't overwhelm them or you'll lose them.”  

“And get some quick wins. The quicker you can get some e-learning out and people see what you’re developing, the more they’ll want to get involved. We launched our first training made with Chameleon and people were like, ‘Oh wow, did you create this? Can we do something like this?’ People get excited when they see what they can do.” 

Shifting the way people learn at KPMG 

This new democratic approach to learning content has led to a shift in the way learning is created and consumed at KPMG.  

Ilana says, “Letting people learn when and where they want to learn has made learning more flexible and user friendly. We used to go round all the divisions doing in-person training. Now that we've created training on Chameleon, people can learn in their own time. They’re not constrained to a certain day, which is really cool because people like learning, but they want to do it on their own terms.” 

“Giving other people the opportunity to create their own e-learning and enabling subject matter experts to become content creators has freed L&D up to do bigger strategic projects. We've got a big focus on leadership, inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. We can add more value to the business now we’re not bogged down in content creation all the time.” 

“We've seen great results. It’s really empowered our subject matter experts to be able to develop learning content, and they love it. Our new approach is more cost effective. Things get done quicker because people don't have to wait for us to make their learning content. And Chameleon’s flexible hosting means everyone can access learning anytime, anywhere.”  

Benefits beyond L&D 

KPMG aren’t only using Chameleon for e-learning. Ilana says, “When people start with KPMG, they do an online induction and we’ve made that more interactive with Chameleon. When we recruit grads, people can bring a Chameleon module up on their phone that walks them through all the cool benefits of working for KPMG. Using Chameleon beyond L&D is very exciting.” 

If you want to get your team creating learning content, Ilana’s advice is to get stuck in and see how easy Chameleon is to use. “The only way to learn something is to try it out. So, sign up for Chameleon’s free trial and develop a piece of e-learning. Think of a concept relevant to your business right now, develop it, and see how it works.”  

“Once you see the benefits Chameleon gives you in terms of saving you time, giving other people the opportunity to create learning, and supporting your subject matter experts to promote their knowledge, you’ll be as excited about it as we are.”