Book a Demo III-2

Why book a demo?

In our 30 minute demo, we'll show you:

  • Some beautiful example modules
  • How to use the intuitive editor
  • The built in image library
  • How to publish your finished modules. 
  • How to show off your brand

Learn how Chameleon is enabling companies worldwide to respond to business needs faster, and create better learning experiences. 

Why Chameleon Creator? 

Simplicity - With Chameleon's intuitive and easy-to-use editor there is no need to be an experienced developer. 

Speed - You can create content quickly, allowing you to respond to urgent business needs. You can deliver more learning in less time. 

Delight  - Chameleon is a design-led tool which provides you with the tools to put your brand front-and-centre. 

Responsive  - Your content will work on all devices, straight out of the box. It's easy to share content with remote teams. Learners can access content in their time of need.