ANZ Download Settings Chameleon
 1@4x Set module complete when

These are both applicable, depending on the type of course the curator has built.

There are two options:

1. All interactions have been seen

This is where the course requires the learner to view all interactions from start to finish in order to register complete (i.e. this scenario works for a linear navigation with no branching or pick-a-path)

2. The last interaction has been seen

This scenario is more applicable for courses that have branching (pick-a-path) navigation where a learner can skip content but must reach the end of the module in order to register it complete

2@4x Does completion require a pass mark

These are both applicable for curators to select.

If completion of a module is dependent on reaching a certain score, you must have this marked as yes. This is applicable if you have included quiz based interactions (i.e mutlichoice or sortation) in your course, and scoring is enabled for those interactions (which is on by default). When you select yes, insert the pass mark required.

If the content doesn't have any quiz based interactions , simply select no.

3@4x Send pass mark to LMS

If you select yes for the option “Does completion require a pass mark” you must select “always” for this option.

If you have selected no for the option “Does completion require a pass mark”, you must select “never”.

Disregard “only when complete option”

4@4x For all ANZ content

            • Regardless of what settings you choose above, you must check:
               - Send default exit code (recommended) This will be ticked by default
          •  - Enable scorm exit delay
  • Disregard “Enable LMS based window closure”

5@4x For all ANZ content

Always use the SCORM 1.2 option to complete your download.

6@8x For assessments

If you choose to build an “Assessment” interaction, you can prioritise this as a scorable interaction. This will be checked as default.
Note; if multiple assessments have been created, the results displayed will be an average of the combined totals. (you can de-select assessments as per below).


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