Change Log - September 2021


Our September release will include many updates to the Editor. Providing features that enhance theme editing, accessibility updates and general performance enhancements. 

Editor enhancements:

  • Topic Portal 'Large' spacing enhancement
  • Fix clear text bugs
  • Fix interaction unlock when not using feedback
  • Menu now tab accessible from every interaction
  • Update to the theme setup
  • Fix spacing in interactions
  • Add focus states to links
  • Fix columns layout for matching
  • Tweak spacing in cards interaction
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Topic portal lockdown
  • Open Navigation for first time user
  • Round accordion panels

Unified UI updates:

  • Tweak permissions for learners
  • Refactor components
  • Add new UI feature; better role select

API updates:

  • Regular updates to underlying dependencies
  • Enhancement of cache control settings for future work 
  • Preparations for subtenancy management

Course theme update 

  • We have added more settings to the course theme. To make this easier to apply, we have separated the key elements of a module into their own headers. 
- Colours
- User interface
- Menu design
- Typography
Key additions to editing a course theme are:
- Button hover colour
- Burger menu (all elements) colour
- hyperlink colour