Change Log - October 2021


Our October release will include many updates to the general enhancement of the application, as well as a new designer feature to boost our users visual design.

Editor enhancements:

  • New 'Graphic Header' added.
  • Giving authors to choose between our standard header design, or a more bold graphic header.
  • - Add an image to the header
  • - Change height of the header (before scroll parallax takes place)
  • - Add transparency to the header
  • - Add an overlay to the header (to improve contrast) 

To access the properties, simply click on the header (as apposed to changing it within 'Course Theme')


  • The ability to add audio to an interaction.
  • Giving authors to choose an audio file on when the learner lands on an interaction 
  • - Add timing delay

Add rectangle hotspots
Giving authors to choose between pulsing animated icons, freeform any shapes and an automatic rectangle

  • Add thumbnails to video uploads.
  • Having the ability to add a thumbnail images to custom video uploads

General enhancements

  • - Sortation interaction - will load all variables apart from correct order
  • - Centred bullets in Carousel interaction updated

Application enhancement updates

  • - Image loading enhancements 
  • - general loading enhancements