Change Log - 9th October 2019

Here are the updates to chameleon made on the 9th of October, 2019. There are many non-visible changes as well as a few functional ones. First, a quick overview of the changes.

  • A new interaction, the 5 star rating.
  • Branching is now available from a question's feedback.
  • A new way to add and remove list based content (eg. carousels).
  • Link colours now capture underline colour correctly.


5 Star Interaction

The new 5 star interaction is designed to give you feedback on your module. The feedback works by sending the users filled in data to a given email address by opening a native email sending widget. This will work despite being inside an LMS.

Heres a quick preview of what it may look like.


Question Branching

We received feedback that it would be powerful to branch based on the answer that you choose in a question. We know allow you to go to a different topic in a feedback modal by changing the buttons location. This works for multi-choice and sortation.


List Based Content

In a number of places, we allow you to change the number of "items". This may be continue buttons, carousel slides, accordion fields, etc.

Previously, you could only remove the last item in the list. If you wanted to remove the first one, you would have to delete all your content and then re add all the items and enter their content.

No more.

We now have a list editor. Click plus button to a new item, and click the item label to remove it.

That is a high level overview. We have also:

  • been looking at some structural changes to the editor to enable further growth in the future.
  • made many small and some large bug fixes.

We hope to have some more changes early next week.